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You Are The Average of Those You Associate With

Donald Payne with Barry Johnson

In order to find some of the hindrances that we face in life we do not have to look any further than our friends. I am not referring to your really good friends, you know the friend that sticks closer than a brother or the ones who treat you like your mother. I am talking about the ones who only care about their self-indulgent pleasures. The one’s who could care less if you ever achieve your goals. I guess in hindsight this is not a friend at all but hopefully you get my point.

Some of these people have a very strange way of sharing their friendship; some of these people live to tear you down by constantly giving you negative feedback. It’s as if they were put on earth for one goal and that is to hold you back. These types of people are a constant drain on your life and you have no other choice than to remove them from your life. If a person is not willing to help you reach your goals than it is safe to assume that they are only there to hinder you.

Staying in the company of true friends is an important part of process. People, who truly believe in you, will never get jealous. They will never question your dreams or your reasoning for the passion that burns deep inside. In fact, it should be the exact opposite. Those who truly care about you will consistently help you polish and develop your gift. They will help you enhance and grow in your efforts. They will motivate you with ideas and connect you with people they know who will help push you.

Staying around people who refuse to value your gifts and who have no real appreciation for what you have to offer is nothing more than a waste of your time and effort. Those who are closest to you should be people who rejoice in you and who are truly happy when you succeed. If you want to be your best then it would be wise to associate with the best. It should never be about the quantity of friends because quality outweighs quantity every time.

“If you want to be the best, than it would be wise to associate with the best” Let’s Associate.

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