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Value in Your Junk Drawer

Yes, the headline was correct, I am asking you to check your junk drawers. You may find that there is a financial breakthrough waiting for you there.

Most people take things at face value. The let the hype surrounding an issue past them by thinking that it’s just a bunch of bologna. I use to be that way until recently when I became a believer in the hype surrounding info-commercials and windshield post it notes.

To my point, recently I decided to take a friend up on his offer to buy or trade in my gold for cash. I assumed it was just a fancy way of getting me into their store to buy more stuff that I simply did not need. I looked in my drawers and jewelry box to see what I had and discovered that I really did not have that much (I stopped wearing jewelry many years ago). I gathered up what I had which was barely enough to fill up half a sandwich bag. To my surprise that small bag of abandoned jewelry had a cash value of about $1000 in cash and a little over $1500 in trade value. I was shocked! I asked him if he was just doing this because I was a friend he indicated that price of gold is up and so is the trade-in value.

Needless to say I took him up on his offer and walked away with a nice chunk of change in my pockets.

If you are in need of a small financial breakthrough then you may need to check your drawers! This could be the answer to you have been looking for.

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