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This is a Problem


According Forrester Research tablets will become the “preferred, primary device for millions of people around the world” by 2016. Tablets are taking the place of laptops and smartphones as the convenient computer of choice. This modern day convenience brings with it modern day compulsion. This is a problem!
With its easy access to online music, videos computer gaming, Role play and gambling, the tablet will soon become a financial enemy to many. One click is all it takes to embrace the joy that your new tablet has to offer.  All you need is a line of credit i.e. (Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal or any other online banking institution).  Most of these gaming and online services leave your account open for service 24hrs a day.
Want to catch a late night movie while sitting at the airport? No problem Netflix can take care of that and bill you at the end of the month. Want to download a few songs or a couple of music videos? No problem, your cloud service can take care of that. Want to buy some treasures or upgrade you online gaming account? No problem, we will simply charge your credit card company or bank so you can continue enjoying your tablet. The process is too easy and too convenient, which makes this a huge problem.
One of the more popular games that I discovered on my table is a game entitled “Rage of Bahamut.” This game is a fun battle type game where you battle and quest against other players. The only sad part is that in order to really embrace the all the game has to offer, the company (Mobage) invites you to purchase coins that you use in the game to build and purchase items inside the game. Without doing so one can expect fairly low results in the game. The problem is that once you get going in the game you tell yourself that 49.99 isn’t a lot of money so you buy coins. Unfortunately once you get a taste of the better side of the game you purchase more and more. This is a problem!
Embracing new technology can be a wonderful thing. Just remember that as we embrace the age of modern day convenience we must remember the age old standard of common sense. Many level minded people have fell prey to the temptation of online gambling and gaming. I happens, it’s real and it can happen to you and that is a problem.

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