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The Value of You

  1. What is the value of you?
  2. What is the perceived perception of you?
  3. Do you care about how others view you?


Allow me to provide some helpful hints:

#1 is simple. Your value is what you feel that you are worth. This is not to be confused with the amount of money your make at your current job, it should be more along the line of price tag that you put on your time. In the simplest of forms the answer should be infinite.

 #2 can be summed up in this parable. Imagine that you are a beautiful diamond watch. You are battery operated but unfortunately you are lacking a battery. Therefore you are nothing more than a standard piece of jewelry. You serve no function and you are nothing more than a showpiece, one that can easily be set aside to make room for a more functional piece. On the outside you have the appearance of quality but on the inside you are empty. Learn to work on the inside and the outside will sell itself.

#3 This question is very difficult to answer. Why? Because in the grand scope of things perception is everything, it is what can possibly make you or break you. However it is very important to remain truthful to who you are and what you stand for. Who you are and what you stand for helps to define you and under no circumstances should you change just to make others happy. I was always told to be myself and the rest will follow.

So again I ask, “What is the value of YOU?”

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