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The Point of it All



This weekend as I dug deeper into my journey, a friend of my asked me, “Why.” I in return said, “Why, What?” He wanted to know why do I stretch myself the way that I do. He said, “You have a really good job, why not work your hourly job like most people, retire and enjoy life.” I told him that the perfect working career that he see’s for me is not promised. I explained that if life played out the way we all foresee it , the world would be a perfect place. But as the story goes, this world is not perfect.

Even at an early age I learned that there is nothing wrong with a little extra. Most of  can relate to this as we work the overtime, buck for bonuses on the job or try to reach a position that pays a higher hourly base. But it is the person that runs his own race that truly can have the desires of his own heart. The sad part is that for many the J-O-B with never be able to fulfill that wish.

I’m a little past the midway point in my hourly working career and being in this position I can see both sides. I see those retired or ready to retire. I also see the new hires and sadly both of these groups are concerned as to what the future will hold for them.

The new hires that are coming in no longer have a pension. Their starting wage is lower than that of their veteran co-workers. The new hires only retirement source is that of an unstable Social Security System and an even more unstable 401K market.

The retirees and those ready to retire are scared. They don’t know how they are going to make it. For example, one of my co-workers has been on the job for 40 years! Why is he still there? Because life has dealt him a blow with taking care of grandchildren and trying to fund a grown up that can’t get on his feet. Simply put he can’t afford to retire. I also have found some of those retired workers have found menial jobs to help supplement their fixed income.

I could go on and on…

The bottom line (this is what I told my friend) “I don’t want to work when I retire. I don’t want to be afraid of my future. I want to enjoy life and have it more abundant. I don’t want to depend on my employer; I want to depend on me.” And that is the point of it all.


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