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Take the Limits Off

Take The Limits Off

As much as I would love to boast and brag about my company 5Linx, that has proven itself and has a proven system that is changing lives all over the country. I want to talk about something a lot more important…Limitations.

When I joined the company I was told to make my marks in 30, 60 and 90 days (so far, so good). However as I progress I realize that as my efforts increase, so does my paycheck. No, it’s not about the 30,60 or 90 days, its about putting in the work to change my life forever. It’s about grinding during my down time instead of marinating in front of the television or tablet. In other words I have to be about it and not just think about it.

In my book “No Longer Bound” I talk about allowing obstacles, and roadblocks stand in my way of success. There are endless possibilities that await each and everyone one of us but how do you tap into this unlimited power called success? You have to take the limits off!

  • The first thing that has to happen is that the mind has to be change. Positive thought have to be the main focus. Stay away from negativity (News media, Setbacks and Naysayers). All of these things produce instant failure.
  • Next a realization has to come the world wants what you have to offer. The business I’m in (5Linx) is simply an extension of what I’m all about. My books, music and motivational information are my contribution to the world. 5Linx an opportunity to give those who want more an opportunity to get more of what life has to offer them.

There is a new way of opportunity out there waiting for you but you have to take the limits off. Increase yourself. Increase your knowledge, increase your skills, and increase your knowledge of yourself. We all know our shortcomings yet we dwell in them on a regular bases.

Know that there are no shortcuts on the road to success. The only difference is the pace that one travels down that road.  Life is what you make it and opportunity means absolutely nothing if you don’t take advantage of it.

“Life is what you make it”


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