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Success Comes in the Form of Reinvention

There comes a time in life when reinvention is the only solution to moving beyond what could be considered as a stagnant lifestyle. People reinvent themselves for various reasons (Layoffs, divorce, or maybe they simply want a new start in life). No matter what the reason, understand that reinvention is a very important part of the life circle. Unfortunately,  reinvention comes with a lot of emotions!

People whom the tenacity to move outside the box and search out new directions are considered to be rare birds. Very few are able to make the transition from one aspect of life to another. Those who are able to make the transition will face persecution from those who refuse to move. These individuals should not be part of your circle of influence.

Those who refuse to look beyond the edge of their nose will always try to bring down the trendsetters.

You have been given a unique ability. You have the ability to create, invent and  multitask your way through life. This should always be your first priority.

Moving in new directions can open new doors and increase the ability to get more out of life. Never let anyone tell say that you can’t, because you can. Therefore I encourage you to let the naysayers talk and let the negative vibes roll off your back.

Success comes in the form of reinvention. Destiny awaits and it is your job to follow in the direction of your own dream. There is no need for you to remain in your current state of affairs. The only thing stopping you from achieving that which you want to achieve is you!

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