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Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work Out.

Many people have dreams and goals all of which seem legitimate. Unfortunately there are times when things just don’t work out. Take for instance those who lost big during the era. Based on all of the statistics and data those who invested during this time seem to be making the right choices. Some did well but for others, it just didn’t work out. Then you have those who have worked their whole life in the industrial/automotive industry. For years this career has proved to be a very solid lucrative job. Unfortunately, due to a failing economy, unemployment in this sector seem to run rampant. Many of those who were caught in this conundrum where forced to make a decision that they had no control over. Would it be fair to say that these individuals made bad decisions? No, of course not. Sometimes things just don’t work out.

Foreclosures, bankruptcies and loan defaults are at an all time high. Many of those who have been faced with this burden are not in this dilemma because they have over extended themselves. They are face with this dilemma because things just didn’t work out. For example, the father who made investments for his children’s future but lost big during the recession or the wealthy investor who was taken in a Ponzi scheme (fraudulent investment). The single mother who finally had a chance to secure a good home for her family but was forced to surrender her home because the company she worked for folded overnight. What about the entrepreneur who made the decision to take a chance and embark on his or her dreams just to have those dreams erased due to forces beyond their control. All of these people had goals and great intentions. All of which where legitimate, well thought out plans but things just didn’t work out.

There are some things we have control over and there are some things we will never be able to control. No matter what happens, keep trying, eventually it will work out. Those who are successful understand this concept and will eventually find a way to make it happen. They never let setbacks hold them back. Friends and family will encourage them to give up or to try something different but what they will never understand is that the truly successful person is passion driven and knows that persistence will eventually pay off.

Life is what you make it. God gave us goals and dreams for a reason. When a person has been forced into a result that they have no control over, they should never look at it as a failure. They should look at the situation as a lesson learned and try to secure a better outcome for the next endeavor. Keep in mind that making good decisions is an essential part of the equation but also keep in mind that sometimes things just don’t workout. Follow your passion and your dreams will eventually become a reality.

Excerpts from my book No Longer Bound – How to maximize your success and increase you possibilities



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