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Six Simple Soultions

There are some things in life require a major sacrifice, then there are those things that simply require your attention. Below is a list of things that require your constant attention. The list is short but the results are long lasting. Take them into consideration and soon you will begin to find the success that so often eludes you.

  1. Pay Yourself First – Save 10% of your income for long-term investments and retirement savings before paying bills.
  2. Reduce Your Mortgage – Save more than $63K on your 30-year $200K mortgage by paying just $100 more a month.
  3. Keep Track Of Your Expenses – Keep a journal of every dollar you spend, for at least one week. You will get a clearer idea where the money goes and what you can cut back on.
  4. Pay Cash Instead Of Using Credit Cards – Credit card debt can diminish your savings and your future. Start reducing your debt and don’t buy anything on credit if you don’t have the money to pay the bill off promptly.
  5. Make Your House ‘Green’ – Look for ways to make your house energy efficient. You will save on heating and cooling cost and also help the environment.
  6. Stay In. Resist the temptation to eat out –  Cook more meals at home. Instead of going to the movies, rent a video, read a book, or play a game with the whole family.

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