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Second Place is the First Loser

Everyone wants to be part of the “in crowd.” In fact most of us are persuaded in this direction.The person who is led by the crowd or who spends their life trying to become part of the “in crowd” will quickly find themselves going in the wrong direction.Following trends and people just because “everyone else is doing it” is simply not a wise thing to do. You are an individual. You have our own destiny. You have your own quest to follow and it is one that was intended specifically for you.

Followers are losers. Everyone remembers the person who comes in first. The person who comes in second is nothing more than the first loser.

Learn to lead, even if you don’t think you have leader type qualities, know that there is a leader inside of you waiting to come out.

Throughout history many unassuming individuals have stepped up to the plate and have become great leaders.

You are the leader of the pack; have no fear!

There is nothing that is too impossible for you. Therefore you must at least try. It might not work out but it should be understood that no one is perfect. Former President George Bush was quoted as saying “I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I’m proud to tell you I’ve learned from my mistakes. That’s the role of a leader – to share wisdom, to share experience with people who are looking for someone to lead.” Like him or not George W. learned the values of a leader. The point here is that once you learn to trust in yourself people will want to know what you know.

“Life is What You Make It”



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