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Remove The Roadblocks

I am the type of person who spends time evaluating my daily routine. I look at everything that may or may not need improving. For instance just today I found myself dwelling on the setup of the furniture in my home. I asked myself how I could make better use of the space. I didn’t have to look any further than my front living room.

My entire living room is dedicated to Baby Grand Piano. No one sits in this room and there is no socializing to be mentioned. In fact the only person who plays piano in the home has gone on to bigger and better things.

The evaluation created a simple answer and that answer was that it’s time to move the piano and create more usable space. Some people allow clutter to take up valuable space. I on the other hand have one large obstruction that is hindering my space.

As we deal with some of life’s many issues, there will come a time when you have to “move that piano.” Obstructions hinder progress and create barriers; they are put in place to stop you from doing what you want to do. The only way you can get past them is to either move them or go around them. The piano is a perfect example of such action. For years we have bypassed the living room because of the piano but no more. Today the piano gets moved! I want my space back. Take an evaluation as to how you can better utilize your space, time or efforts. If you find an obstruction, move it out of the way so you can make room for more. Opportunity is waiting all you have to do is “Move that piano.”

“Life is what you make it”

Are you ready to move the piano out of your life?

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