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Keep Calm – Life Is What You Make It

Life is what you make it.

Life is what you make it.

Today it seems like every time you turn on the TV, pick up a paper or scan the Internet, someone has become a millionaire overnight. When you hear of this news do you always say, Why can’t that be me? Well, it can be. I believe a lot of people wait for something dramatic to happen to them before they step out and try to make a change in their lives. I want to encourage you to step out in faith in all things, even if they seem unreal or unreachable. I hear it all the time, people say, “Today, I am going to make a change or today I’m going to make a difference” but when the rubber meets the road, very few execute it. They just sit on their ideas and wait. Success separates those who can from those who sit on the can.

I have always told people that I have a lot of irons in the fire and that I am just waiting for one of them to get hot. Sure, some of my dreams may be stagnant, but I will continue to pursue them because I understand that life is what you make it and that everyday has to count.

I had a talk with a young man who wanted to learn more about real estate investments. Initially, he was a little discouraged because his credit was sub-par. But he wanted to get involved. I spent some time with him and explained a few different ways that he could purchase real estate without stellar credit and he was floored. He assumed that his poor credit would be his dream killer. He was ready to give up before he even started.

This is the problem that many people face. They are ready to give up too easily. They get depressed, feeling that they don’t have what it takes to make it…but they do. All they need is some faith and a little ambition.

I encourage you to get motivated by your decision to succeed. Strike while the irons are hot because victory and triumph are waiting.

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