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Holiday’s Mean Travel Time Are You Ready?

Can You Take a Vacation without Exhausting Your Families Budget? This is a question that very few people can answer truthfully. Just because you have available credit on your credit cards doesn’t mean that you have permission to vacation. This is where many people fail. They borrow from their future in order to make provisions for today.

This is an ongoing problem that is hurting families all across the country and I understand completely. I was just as guilty. I wanted my kids to take in the entire exotic vacation experience. I wanted to see that cute look on their faces when I told them they were going to an exotic place. The pleasure of it all was enough to cause me to put my guard down on my finances. As my kids got older the vacation became more expensive. This is when the cute looks just weren’t enough.

I needed a better plan! A better budget and more cash!

This is one of the biggest problems that many people have. They refuse to find a budget and stick to it. Budgeting might seem restrictive, cumbersome or unnecessary. But the bottom line is that without a budget and/or a plan you will never know what you can truly afford.

The second biggest problem is that they refuse to add a second source of income while in the process of planning a trip. Once we understood where our money was going (budgeting), it was easy to know how much extra we needed in order to take the vacation we desired. There are so many different ways to earn extra cash, yet very few take advantage of those opportunities.

Here’s the deal, if you can truly take a vacation without exhausting your family’s budget, I commend you, because you are truly the exception to the rule. If you are not part of this minority then it’s time to make a change.

I have put together some great resources for you that just might help. Click on the link below for more information and I will see you on the beach!

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