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Financial Peace of Mind

Do you know… what the 5 C’s of credit are? Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Character, and Conditions.  Lenders use these factors to determine your creditworthiness.

Read my new book Bound by the debt demon along with the accompanying workbook – Together these books provide a step-by-step guide for taking control of your money and your life, and you’ll learn this and many more helpful lessons in personal financial management.

The Bound by the debt demon workbook provides a practical, step-by-step guide that shares with consumers the fundamental elements of a healthy financial life – making the journey to financial health manageable and attainable.

Start reading today and increase your money management skills. This is what you will learn:

How to get financially organized
Budgeting Basics
Putting your money to work
Understanding credit and credit scores
And much more…
You can also access Both of these great books online by clicking here.

Start learning today how to make better financial decisions tomorrow.

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