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Everyday Struggle -The Haves and Have Nots

everyday-struggle-77905855Raising a Family – Too Darn High

Nicer Neighborhoods – Too Darn High

Luxury Vehicles – Too Darn High

College Tuition – Too Darn High

Starting a Business – Too Darn High

Taxes – Too Darn High

Seems like everything in this life that matter most has a cost. And that cost is Too Darn High!

What even burns deeper is trying to figure out how the “Haves” can afford to remain in the “Too Darn High” category. The question burns even deeper when you discover it’s a coworker or a family member. What makes them s special, right?

There are those who could care less about this subject. The status quo suits them just fine. However there are many who are tired of living paycheck to Prozac, hoping that one day the ends will finally meet. I was one of them.

Finally I did what most people are afraid to do.

I asked questions…

I decide to ask the “Haves” what is that they do different that I seem to be missing. And to my surprise, I got answers. Sadly the answer was a very simplistic one. It was an obvious answer that I simply failed to capitalize on.

The simple truth was that the “Haves” learned to leverage. In other words they use another source (something) to maximum advantage. Even with a decent wage and a regular paycheck, the “Haves understand that this method is in trading time for dollars.

I found this to be true the first time I decided to earn over $100K on my hourly job. Earning the money was an easy task but it came with a price. In an effort to reach my goal I had to work 12Hrs days, including weekends. I “had” but I definitely wasn’t one of the “Haves.” My quality of life had no quality at all.

It was time to get that quality back! I took the “Haves” advice and expanded my portfolio. The days of working 12 hours just to say I had were over. A new life had begun to take shape. Mailbox money was knocking at my door. My time was now my own. All I can say is that it’s a wonderful feeling.

If the price of admission is too darn high, make a change for the better. It’s time to stop complaining and start living.

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