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Dollars and Sense

Some people are never satisfied, you give them inch they want to take the whole mile, you give them a smile and they try to take that as well.

These individuals are excessive and compulsive. They are never satisfied with simply staying in their own lane. This type of behavior is one that can cause bitter relations with friends and family, even worse it can cause bitter relation in your own psyche.

The need (or should I say greed) to want and have more is the catalyst in which credit cards thrive on.

Some people spend their entire life trying to find something that pleases them. These same people will spend eternity searching for some type of self-pleasure, never realizing that the consumption of stuff will never satisfy.

What makes me an authority in this matter? It is due to the fact that I use to be one of them!

Know this, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Don’t get me wrong. Money is a necessity and if you have it in abundance, life can become much easier.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that money is simply a means to get what you want but it will never bring internal peace and happiness.

People must first learn how to love themselves. Once this is done they will then begin to appreciate the things that surround them. Learn to find peace. Take pleasure in your current lifestyle. Never let the idea of having more stuff control your emotions. Learning to love yourself first will help you to discover that “Life is what you make It.”

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