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Day 3 Momentum


Now we’re talking! Today was a good day. My momentum is in full swing.

I spoke with my accountability partner Travis as he checked on my “Things to do” list.  I assured him that I was following everything to the letter.

I finished much of my training and received my certifications.  The training is awesome. It really helped me to familiarize myself with the overall goal of the company as well as the various products and services that they provide.

I also started opening up a bit more as to what it is that I am doing and were I plan to be with the organization in the next 90 Days.  I normally don’t share my aspiration but I don’t believe anyone or anything can stand in my way, I’m unstoppable.  It also helps to have that 20k bonus sitting in front of me.

“Life is what you make it”


One Response to “Day 3 Momentum”

  1. Brad Bullard says:

    Alright Don. Momentum indeed…