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Believe It Achieve It

“No one is ready for a thing until they are able to believe it…” Napoleon Hill (As a Man Thinketh)  Allow this concept to sink in. Until you can imagine yourself having wealth, success, being in a certain position or any other desire you will not make the provisions needed to achieve your goal.

Learn to give yourself permission to be successful, realizing you were created to do great things.  This is the person who will undoubtedly find success. Once you reach this point there is nothing on earth that can stop your momentum.A person has to believe that they are capable of accomplishing everything that which is set in their heart. Doubt, fear, negative thinking and feedback should not be part of your influence system.

Success is growth it can also be a detachment. When you have made the decision to move forward and grow you will find that you have to separate yourself from those who will consistently hold you back. They will indicate that you are undeserving, not smart enough or that you just don’t have the goods to get it done. These individuals will plague you like a virus. They undoubtedly have to be removed from your success process.

Positive thoughts and a believing in you should be the only thing that matters. For some their only goal in life is to watch others fail, while making every attempt to hold them back. These individuals have no dreams. The best thing that one can do for themselves is move away from the crowd, think positive thoughts and know in your heart, mind and soul that you where created for greatness. Believe it and Achieve it is the phrase that pays, seize it!


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