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Life is What you Make it


Welcome! My name is Donald Payne, Author/Entrepreneur and the creator of Payneless Advice -Whole Life Success.

I’m passionate about helping other achieve their goals. Helping them to discover that life has much to offer regardless of where you came from or what you have bee through.

This site is designed to encourage you to never give up on what dwells deep inside of you. To press on even when it seems that nothing is working out. I believe that “Life is what you make it” and that dreams are meant to be fulfilled. However I do know that life is full of obstacles and setbacks.

The setbacks that many face are all too common, fear, finances and/or a weak or nonexistent support system. Most successful individuals have failed on more than one occasion. It happens, its part of the process. But it is the driven, passionate, hard working individual that succeed and fulfill their dream.

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